Red Room (Babies):

At ACE Early Learning Centre we recognise that babies are precious little individuals and come with their own patterns for feeding, sleeping and playing.

All of our babies are given special attention that ensures all of their own unique needs are being met on a physical and emotional level while our flexible program encourages their sense of exploring the world.

Be assured that your baby will be under constant loving supervision and developing adequately through playtime whilst in our care.

To find out more about enrolling your baby, please click here.

[qk_benefit icon=”fa-graduation-cap” title=”0 to 2 Year Olds” first_item=”first” last_item=””]Discovery with a smile[/qk_benefit][qk_benefit icon=”fa-book” title=Early Years Learning Framework first_item=”” last_item=””]Learning through Play, an ideal program for this age group.[/qk_benefit][qk_benefit icon=”fa-bell” title=”6 am to 6pm” first_item=”” last_item=””]12 Hour Days.[/qk_benefit][qk_benefit icon=”fa-trophy” title=”Special Care” first_item=”” last_item=”last”]Babies are precious, and we treat them as such[/qk_benefit]