Daycare & Early Learning

Welcoming Children aged 6 months – 4 years

Week Days: 6:30am – 6.30pm

Nursery (0 – 2yrs)

We recognise that all babies are precious individuals with their own wants and needs. We are in constant communication with parents to ensure continuity of routine and smooth transitions from home to daycare for each baby at our centre.

We understand that babies require a lot of attention, nurturing and supported play. Our caring and friendly educators ensure all babies unique needs are being met on a physical and emotional level, while our flexible program encourages them to explore their world in a positive, fun, supported and safe manner.

Be assured that your baby will have love, care and support throughout their time in our care.

Toddlers (2-3 yrs)

As children grow, so does their curiosity about the world in which they live. They find great joys in exploring their environment and learning new things.

We support and encourage children in their toddler years to thrive in their learning by having a strategically planned program that encompasses the practices of the Early Years Learning Framework. We also encourage children to develop and extend on their own interests and enjoy spontaenous play.

We provide a positive, well organised, safe and supportive environment to help maximise children’s growth and to help children build confidence in their learning and play. 

Our large outdoor areas promote exploration and adventure and give us the opportunity to teach children about sustainability, caring for our garden and our animals.

Kindy (3-4 yrs)

As children approach their first years in school, we aim to prepare and support them for this transition.

Our Early Childhood Qualified Teacher strategically and carefully plans our program for each week. Our program is guided by the practices of the Early Years Learning Framework and aims to provide new challenges, learning materials and concepts for children who are about to embark on their school journey.

We recognise each child’s individuality and work closely with children and their families to maintain strong development and growth for each child. 

We provide a safe, supportive and encouraging environment where children can develop life skills at their own pace.