Green Room (2 -3 Year olds)

This Amazing Age

comes with increasing curiosity and mobility, and at ACE Early Learning Centre we encourage this by having implemented a program that enhances childrens’ development by using these important factors.

Toddlers Are Exploring

a whole new world as they learn to walk, talk, sing and dance. We support their confidence building, need for adventure and curiosity every step of the way as they become more independent.

Our Activities Range

from indoors and outdoors arts and crafts, to building forts and reading books. Whatever your child’s interests, you can be assured they will be catered for. To find out more about enrolling your child, please head over to our

2 to 3 Year Olds

Adeventures & Confidence Building


Learning through Play,an
ideal program for this age group.

6 am to 6pm

12 Hour Days.

Special Care

We love to play outdoors as well as indoors, which will ensure your toddler is gaining the best experience possible every day.