Privacy Policy

The About Childcare Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

About Child Care located in Greenfields is required to collect and use personal information about families and their children when applying to enrol in our services.

This information is required to ensure the health and safety of your child whilst in our care, and to meet legislative requirements set down in:

Education and Care Services National Law Act, 2011 and Regulations 2011;

Education and Care Services National Law Act (WA) 2012

The information you provide is used by Centre staff who access this information to meet the above requirements, and may also be disclosed to the following authorities:

Education and Care Regulatory Unit;

Department of Child Protection and Family Support;

Department of Communities;

Department of Human Services;

Department of Education

All personal information provided to us is kept in a secure place to protect it from un-authorised access, modification or disclosure.

You are entitled to access your child or family’s personal and private information on request, and may ask for inaccurate information to be updated.

Failure to provide all necessary information will result in non-acceptance of your child’s enrolment application.

Please contact us for any further information regarding our Privacy Policy.